headscircleMindscious Motivational Maps® Solutions for Teams - build on the strengths of everyone working together.

Most teams are assembled on the basis of relevant and complementary skill sets; what motivates the individuals in the team is often not considered at all.  Indeed, conflicts between individuals are often ascribed to ‘personality’ clashes. However, these clashes may well be, and often are, motivational in origin.

Individual Maps and Team Maps enable leaders to be able to:

  • Determine whether the energies of the team are harmonised with mission
  • Identify possible internal conflicts that need addressing
  • Provide strategies and rewards that motivate the team.

A Team Map Report

  • Contains 11 actionable ideas to enable the team to perform at a higher level.
  • Supports change management programmes by improving communication with a shared language
  • Enables smoother transitions and staff engagement. 

The Mindscious Group's Licensed Practitioners can deliver and debrief individual as well as team and organisation maps to your team.  We can also train and certify employees in how to become Practitioners, where and when required.   

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"The Motivational Mapping concept has a touch of genius about it. By that I mean it is brilliantly simple and a no brainer for most managers and leaders; after all who wouldn't want to know how to better motivate their team!" - Bevis Moynan, Magenta Coaching Solutions