Add value to your clients through your sourcing strategies.


Imagine this, you have carefully attracted new talent for an important role and you have one or two preferred high calibre candidates. 

When you source talent how do you currently filter which candidate(s) bring the right package of attitudes and motivations into the new role?  

Mindscious Motivational Maps deliver a highly accurate and easy to use solution to help you and help your clients make the right choices around your candidate current level of motivation and areas of interest and focus, in relation to their context and your client's needs.

Why not experience this for yourself by trialing a complimentary Mindscious Motivational Map and discover for yourself the many advantages of this unique but trusted methodology for sensitively probing assumptions around motivations and empowering your client's next talent acquisition solution. This tool directly correlates to Abraham Maslow's model 'Heirarchy of Needs' and is a catalyst for rich conversations about motivation and orientation.

You or your agency might also consider the benefits of becoming a Licensed Practitioner adding enormous value to you and your clients' successful sourcing outcomes. 

Achieve Even Greater Quality Outcomes with Mindscious Motivational Maps.  

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