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Innovation through creative collaboration is an imperative. 

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The more you know about your motivation the better you can target your next talent needs. 

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The Mindscious Group of Business Licensed Practitioners offer you flexible options for optimal learning.

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Department of The Environment

"Thank you! All the participants found the Mindscious Motivaitonal Maps useful and all were very impressed with the care, thought and focussed attention that Marie gave in her feedback.  All participants took up the full hour which is a testament to how easy she is to talk to.  She was great to work with so thank you for arranging for her to do our team." Janine Cullen, Director Wetlands Section, The Department of The Environment.

NSW Office of Sport

"I believe this was one of the best of such models/inventories I have ever done, and certainly one that had an almost immediate impact on key career decisions in my life. I can see many applications for the Maps, from individual career planning through to team building and leadership and talent management. I was so impressed I am looking to get accreditation in the Motivational Map process myself soon through the training Sylvie also provides, as I can see it as a very valuable addition to my professional skill set. I recommend Sylvie's work and the Motivational Maps unreservedly." Helen Kidston, Senior Human Resources Executive, NSW Office of Sport


“Key to my personal experience was the one-on-one insightful debrief. It highlighted the varying role personal motivators play during the career lifecycle”.  Barbara Hall, HR Specialist SBS Australia.


"An excellent insight into what motivates our teams. We have used the maps to place stretch targets into staff performance plans, for both development and incentive. Also looking to use the maps to effect major change across the next 12-18 months and when recruiting new staff.” Robert O'Meara, Chief Finanance Officer, Australian Trade Commission